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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *

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Professional Movie Subtitling Service

Movie subtitling services essentially provide the textual version of the audio track which is a part of the movie. Subtitles include literal transcripts of what is spoken in the movie, timestamped to match the audio. The subtitles appear on the screen as the actor/actors are speaking.

Movie subtitling services are required for media companies that want to increase their engagement with their audiences by providing subtitles for movies. Using subtitles helps audiences overcome language and accent barriers to understand the movie better. Viewers with hearing difficulties can also enjoy the movie with the help of subtitles. Moreover, subtitles increase engagement with the video exponentially.

Movie subtitling services offer accurately transcribed and precisely timed subtitles for your movie project at reasonable prices. Visual Subtitling offers different types of film subtitling services in over 100 languages. Connect with our team at 1-800-230-7918 for any enquiries. Our movie subtitling company offers features such as 24/7 customer support, native subtitlers, very quick turnarounds, free trials and bulk discounts. We guarantee 99% accuracy in all subtitles and support all standard formats such as .srt, .mcc, .txt, etc.

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Visual Subtitling is a professional subtitling company that offers subtitling services for movies in over 100 languages. We provide high-quality and accurate movie transcription and subtitling services. Our years of rich experience in the industry enables us to deliver unparalleled movie subtitling to our valuable clients who are movie production houses (large & small), distributors, and other players in the industry. We understand the subtitle compliance & guidelines of various streaming services and broadcasters for movie subtitles and help in meeting all the requirements.

To attract and appeal to more audiences, adding accurate subtitles is essential. We, at Visual Subtitling, have a team of professional experts who have knowledge and years of experience in the domain. Our native translators & transcribers are well-versed with the nuances of the industry and understand the clients' requirements. We work closely with our clients to gain insights into their unique subtitle needs and provide them with top-notch solutions.

As a leading provider of video subtitling services, we ensure adding perfectly timed subtitles. We spend time understanding the context and content of the movie and accordingly provide the best subtitles. We guarantee 100% accuracy and quality of our film subtitling services. We have made our services easily accessible to customers in major cities such as New York, Houston, Washington, London, and other major cities.


Importance of Subtitles for Films

The film industry is growing at a rapid pace. The film industry's expansion has increased the need for movie subtitling services. The majority of movies use subtitles to ensure greater reach to the global audience. Adding subtitles for films allows people to quickly understand the content and context of the movie in the language they are most comfortable with. It also enables people with hearing issues to better comprehend the films without an interpreter. Moreover, movie subtitle services ensure that people can enjoy the movie even in noisy environments.

Affordable Film Subtitling Services

Visual Subtitling is known as one of the most affordable movie subtitling companies in the industry. We offer our high-quality subtitling services at reasonable prices to hundreds of clients across the globe. We ensure that all broadcasting and media companies worldwide can gain quick access to our movie subtitling services.

Our movie subtitling rates set us apart and make us popular among global clients. We guarantee you the lowest prices in the US. However, our pricing does not affect the quality we deliver in any way.

Languages We Support

Visual Subtitling offers high-quality subtitling services in over 100 languages. The most popular languages that we support include:

✓ Spanish
✓ English
✓ Chinese
✓ Portuguese
✓ German
✓ Bengali
✓ Malayalam
✓ Bulgarian
✓ Thai
✓ Polish
✓ Swedish
✓ Somali
✓ Czech, and more

Formats We Support

We are very flexible when it comes to the format. We offer our subtitling services in a wide range of formats to ensure optimum convenience for our clients. The file formats that we support include:

✓ .Mp4
✓ .SWF
✓ .F4V
✓ .FLV
✓ .AVI
✓ .WMV
✓ .Mov

Why Choose Our Movie Subtitling Services?

✓ Team of experienced professionals
✓ High-quality movie subtitling services
✓ Faster turnaround time
✓ Affordable rates
✓ 24/7 customer support
✓ NDA for confidentaility

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Platforms We Support

  • youtube
  • netflix
  • amazon
  • facebook
  • vimeo
  • hulu
  • adobe
  • itunes
  • dailymotion
  • kaltura

Most Availed Subtitle languages

EnglishGermanItalian French Spanish Arabic And More...

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