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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *

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What Is Film Subtitling?

Film subtitling is the service of adding subtitles to the film videos. There is a huge demand for this service because the global audience are interested in foreign language films these days. It is quite essential to maintain high accuracy because any wrong subtitle and misinterpretation of the word can change the entire meaning of the dialogue. When it comes to film subtitling, such change in context is not acceptable as it has the potential to drive away your customers. Professionals having experience and good knowledge of the language should be hired to handle film subtitling.

Film Subtitling Services

Why subtitling in the film is done?

The subtitles are the audio transcribed form or screenplay of the dialogues or commentary in films. The subtitling in film is done for a better experience while watching movies for those with learning disabilities, attention deficits, or autism. Commonly, they appear at the bottom of the screen, which can be either a written translation of foreign language dialogues or a written translation of the same language with or without added information.

Film Subtitling Services

Though film subtitling seems to be an easy work on the surface, it is a great challenging and intriguing sort of artwork demanding creativity, patience, language proficiency, speed and passion. Only experienced subtitling artists who are also good certified translators with proper training can handle the job in a professional manner.

Visual Subtitling has a large network of subtitling artists in all major languages enabling the clients to have multiple versions of their film simultaneously at a minimum cost. We are aware that subtitling a film is always a rush type of job and we readily cope up with their urgency.


What is Subtitling?

Subtitling is the method of inserting text to an audio-visual media. This is done to explain what has been spoken in the audio. Basically, subtitles are the written form of words being spoken in an audio. They allow people to read and understand what is being said, even if they don’t understand the language of the speakers. Without subtitles it is not possible to understand the subtleties present in verbal communication.

Video subtitling companies allows you to make videos that are accessible worldwide, which means your content is now easily viewed and understood by global audience. Subtitling and captioning are a vital part of a video production project. They not only important for accessibility, but it is also against the laws to produce a video for broadcast without adding closed captions to it. It is thereby advisable to seek help from reputed video subtitling companies to understand the nitty-gritties of video productions.

Why Subtitling in Film and Video is a must?

These days the demand for professional film subtitling companies is on the rise. There are many benefits that these service providers can add value to video projects. Here are reasons why subtitling is essential:

  • Not Everyone Can Hear Your Audio
  • Many People Don’t or Can’t Turn on Audio
  • Subtitles Improve Comprehension
  • Subtitling Can Improve Language Skills
  • Subtitling is Extremely Useful for Online Learning
  • Viewers Are More Engaged
  • Subtitles Increase Video Social Reach
  • Captions improve SEO

Subtitling and captioning are one of the best ways to effectively market your videos online. The search engines don’t read your video content, they depend on the text like – title, description, captions and subtitles. Text from subtitles and captions increases the searchability of your content and increases SEO.

Film Translation And Subtitling

Visual Subtitling performs the perfect film translation and subtitling successfully. With the movie script in hand, time codes are inserted and the dialogues are given to our translators who create perfect translated dialogues in accordance with the culture of the target language people successfully localizing the content as much as possible.

Film Subtitling Companies

This postproduction job demands high quality recording studio and we are one of the well-known film subtitling companies with all types of digital equipment and human resources ready at hand ever bustling with over flowing orders.

Why Film Subtitling Companies are Important?

The importance of film subtitling companies cannot be denied. There are a lot that need to be done while writing the subtitles for a movie or video. It is not recommended to be done by any individuals and not by a certified company.

The list of consequences of the wrong subtitles is huge. A few of them are:

  • It can damage your brand value.
  • The wrong subtitles can convey the wrong meaning.
  • Different languages use the same word for different meanings, so understanding the language and the culture is important.
  • Maintaining the essence and the exact meaning of the original content is important. Wrong subtitles can easily mislead your audience.
  • Wrong subtitles can also affect the number of viewers, subscribers or followers.
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