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Accurate Closed caption subtitle services are available at Visual Subtitling. Video dialogues in more than 100 languages are provided by us. We support various file formats for your captioning and subtitling international projects as well. Our team of caption and subtitle experts know to meet strict deadlines without tampering with the quality.

Our services are available with ISO 9001:2015 standards. Check out our free quote offer and the 2-minutes Free Trial of our subtitling services.


Closed Captioning and Subtitling

Writings that appear on the bottommost of the screen and signifies the verbal words of the video or audio being played is called Closed captioning (CC). Closed captions are used in videos to profit the hard of hearing and in making them gain equal access in watching movies and videos.

Closed captions and subtitles appear on screen simultaneously as texts. It illustrates the conversation between the characters on the television, phone or your laptop. Captions and Subtitles can look very similar but aren’t. Often, even streaming services tend to assume that captions and subtitles are one. They could look very similar but have their distinct purposes to serve the audience.

Closed captions are significant because they aid in describing every audio component that plays a part in the broader story. This doesn’t mean just spoken words.

The key parameter of captioning falls on the ability of making a video more accessible to the public in various ways. It helps the deaf and hard of hearing get equal access by letting them watch videos through subtitles. It helps them remember information through texts. It also helps people who are always surrounded in louder environment focus on the video without any disturbance.

When you concentrate on translating a video from one language to another, you need to make sure that it is accessible to the global audience. Hence the arrival of voice overs, subtitles and closed captions come into play. All of these come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses that you should be aware of before making this decision.

Voice overs: This is basically any kind of audio track that is created with the help of voice actors or voice over artists. The voice artists sync their voices with the video to make a creative and impactful voice over.

Subtitles: Subtitles are translation of the medium into any other language, so the viewers can understand it in their native language. Subtitles represent the vocal text of the narrator, audience, dialogues, spoken words, characters talking and more. They make it easier for you to know what is being said even if you don’t understand the language.

Captions: Captions are not just depiction of the dialogues spoken, but also help with understanding the scene. It supplements background activities like phone ringing, music playing, doors banging, audio cues that need description, soundtrack and more.

To simply put, subtitles are an alternate for people who are trying to learn a new language. While captions are developed for people who have hearing impairment and need assistance to understand a particular video.

Acceptable /Deliverable File Formats:

Visual Subtitling can also Accept or Deliver the File Formats which includes:

.M4A, .M4B, .M4V, .RA , .RM, .QT.XML, .QT.TXT, .QT.SMIL, .SMI,.ASX


Where can I find Closed Captioning and Subtitling Services?

How can I find Closed Caption Subtitles?

How can I get caption and subtitle services?

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