Why are the Closed captioning services effective in boosting the web traffic?

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How to boost organic traffic via Video Marketing Campaign?

The Closed Captioning Services are quickly gaining popularity in both the public and private domains. There is a constant upsurge in the demands for captions compared to earlier periods when the term was very much new and alien, even to video makers and producers. Today, most businesses are focused on generating more clients and ultimately, the sales.

Generating sales only come from positive and organic leads that convert. Now, it is important to note that some scandalous individuals how device means of generating fake leads for ignorant companies seeking leads for their brand. How? They use certain software and computer programs designed for this tricky purpose.

With the advent of video marketing, promotional and product or brands’ campaigns, as well as the sales pitch, has recorded tremendous success. These visible successes have driven several reluctant companies towards adopting video marketing as a tool for achieving its goals, especially that of profit-making. The recent trends in video marketing are the integration of closed captioning services in marketing videos.

Closed captioning services are best described as written text equivalent of spoken words and events in the video. Captioning gained much fame when people realized the need and gain of carrying viewers with challenges such as hearing impairments along with the message intended by the video. Also, closed captioning services cater for viewers in very noisy environments where they might not hear what the actors are saying, for instance, it could be an airport, train station, parks, café and other similar places.

Closed Captioning Services


Identifying the ideal Captioning Company for your Project

Identifying the ideal company for your project is as important as generating traffic for your marketing videos because the amount of traffic you generate will determine the number of conversations you will get and also determine your profit margin. This is because captioning, unlike popular opinion, is not an easy task as it requires professionals with ample experience to handle.  Amongst some of the things to look out for are included, but is not limited to

  • Reliability and capability of the company’s workforce
  • Track record and experience gained from active service
  • Cost of services provided and guarantees
  • Ability to ensure file security and confidentiality
  • Quality assurances and prompt turnarounds

These are just a few points you should have on your checklist. Another factor to consider could be their ability to handle any size of project with a short period of time without any compromise on the details and quality of the output. They must be able to deliver online captioning services without hindrances. An excellently captioned marketing video can be the game changer for any business if it is competently done.

We, at Visual Subtitling, understand the role of closed captioning services in driving the success of your investments. As such, we have put together a team of professional and veteran staff with extensive knowledge and skills set required to give you nothing but the best at affordable captioning rates compared to other closed captioning companies. Place your order now and claim amazing quotes for your projects.

Why Video Production Companies gives high priority to Captioning Services?

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All movie fans have come across captions which run down the screen in еithеr Engliѕh оr a foreign lаnguаgе. Television and video also use captions in various instances. Closed captioning services plays an important role when it comes to exposing video, TV program and movies to a global аudiеnсе. It is a commonly known fact that people across the globe speak in different languages and not everyone has a basic understanding of the English language. There are also people who suffer from hearing impairments and find subtitles highly helpful when it comes to keeping up with movies.

closed captioning services

Transcription companies offer closed captioning services uѕing the different ѕоftwаrе аvаilаblе in thе mаrkеt. The captioning ѕоftwаrе hаѕ made thе ѕubtitling process muсh ѕimрlеr соmраrеd tо a time bасk whеn this tаѕk wаѕ performed mаnuаllу. Thе software uѕе ѕресiаlizеd templates and transcript formats which enable video captioning services in a single fast operation. Thе рrосеѕѕ can bе quite tесhniсаl аnd thаt iѕ why thе ѕеrviсеѕ оf professional closed captioning companies аrе required.

File Formats that we support

  • Thе companies ассерt movies аnd vidео in WAV, FLV, MP3, MOV, WMV, RM аnd WMA fоrmаtѕ. Thеrе are companies which ассерt a numbеr оf vidео fоrmаtѕ; it is imроrtаnt tо find оut whаt раrtiсulаr fоrmаtѕ the trаnѕсriрtiоn соmраnу ассерtѕ. Thе rеѕulting output iѕ usually in ID, CLEAN аnd TXT fоrmаtѕ.
  • If required the company will produce web supported captioning such аѕ.XML, CPT, .RIT and a number оf оthеr wеb ѕuрроrtеd formats.
  • Whеn орting for the ѕеrviсеѕ оf a transcription соmраnу it iѕ important to find оut what thеir capability iѕ in tеrmѕ of documenting the trаnѕсriрtѕ using the Extеnѕiblе Markup lаnguаgе. Thiѕ is highlу imроrtаnt if уоu will bе submitting уоur vidео tо оnlinе ѕitеѕ.

Closed Captioning and Transcription

Thе closed сарtiоning ѕеrviсеs iѕ nоrmаllу рrосеѕѕеd within 48 hours frоm thе timе the trаnѕсriрtiоn company rесеivеѕ the vidео filе rеquiring ѕubtitling. Thе еffесtivеnеѕѕ with which thе trаnѕсribеr can gеnеrаtе ассurаtе subtitles iѕ dеtеrminеd by thе quality of the audio accompanying thе vidео.

The Closed captioning services company might tаkе lоngеr timе if the аudiо is nоt сlеаr еnоugh to dеrivе рrесiѕе trаnѕсriрtѕ. It wоuld bе wise tо asses the audio bеfоrе hand аnd gеt it сlеаnеd uр not оnlу fоr fаѕtеr vidео trаnѕсriрtiоn services but to imрrоvе the overall quality оf уоur vidео.

Nominal Captioning Rates

Closed captioning rates are quite affordable as it is around $1 fоr every minutе оf аudiо trаnѕсribеd. Thiѕ is a relatively сhеар offer compared tо in-house trаnѕсriрtiоnѕ which uѕuаllу соѕt companies аbоut $95 fоr аn hоur оf аudiо transcribed. Just as closed captioning service, the companies have the capacity to offer open captioning services as well.

Video subtitling

How Video Subtitling Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

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Today’s technology and advancements in information and communications have broadened the horizons and increased the number of possibilities and capabilities to help you find the best professional video subtitling service in the market and help boost your sales. The internet plays a critical yet indispensable tool in helping you save time, money and effort in looking for traditional video subtitling services when all you need to do is to simply press a button to get you one. (more…)


Why You Must Experience Captioning And Subtitling Services

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Bucket list is a list of all the things you want to experience in your lifetime. This might include bungee jumping, going to Africa, and all sorts of personal goals. In the world of business, bucket lists also exist but in the form of goals and objectives.

For most, captioning and subtitling services may not be included in that “bucket list,” but this post aims our dear reader and persuade them to use captioning and subtitling services at least once in their lifetime. Videos are the main concern of captions and subtitles. (more…)

Film Subtitling Services

How to get professional Film Subtitling Services?

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Because of today’s technology advancement, doing business internationally has been easier and more efficient. For instance, latest and modern technology has boosted the video production industry in terms of sharing of information and ideas through videos. Now, watching foreign movies is more accessible because of the assistance of subtitles placed below the screen. Basically, a subtitle is mostly and widely used by film makers and movie producers to let the foreign viewers understand the dialogue using a local dialect. For this reason, film subtitling services are truly beneficial in the movie industry. However, looking for best subtitling companies may sound very challenging since you need to consider a lot of things before making sound choices. Well, Internet plays a key role in getting professional film subtitling services. For the record, millions of people are updated online because this is the best way of reaching out and expressing ideas. Moreover, the online world is also said to provide convenience especially in doing works. Nowadays, a subtitling service is being offered online by large and major subtitling brands across the globe.


Subtitling Services

Getting The Best and Outstanding Subtitling Service

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The Importance of Subtitling Services Explained

Did you know that subtitles have become an essential part of our lives? Are your surprised?

There’s more to subtitles than meet the eye. When you a watch foreign movie, do you see those little texts beneath the screen? Those are called subtitles which translate the spoken words of the actors to a language that the audience will understand. Subtitles are mostly used by media production companies and movie producers to distribute their films to other countries who speak other language than English.

Furthermore, in corporate settings, subtitles are used when there is a teleconference or during corporate presentation. This is particularly helpful for multi-national companies whose stakeholders are speakers of various languages. Subtitles services bridge the gap that is brought about by language barriers.

In a sense, subtitling services are unifying elements that let people share ideas and information. Furthermore, it acts as an accessibility option similar to closed captions for people who are suffering from hearing loss. (more…)

video to English subtitles

How to translate YouTube video to English subtitles effectively?

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Video subtitling services are now all the rage and sought-after services today with the rising popularity of YouTube and NetFlix among others. You may ask what video subtitles have to do with all these? Well, the answer is simple.  It’s all about diversity and global recognition.The internet works because of text data that populate it. Every word and every letter is a result of rich text inputs from a database. The texts that you are reading on your computer and laptop screens are the results of text transcripts organized and formed into understandable data that convey meaning and information.

These texts are then converted into video subtitles that are displayed on screen simultaneously to reflect the dialogues or sounds in the video. This applies to YouTube videos and the like. Video subtitling services therefore provide the text transcripts needed to give descriptions of a video, provide summaries or analysis that gets encoded into the website so that your video files are made available for searching using search engines. The same goes for foreign language YouTube videos that need translations to English, which can be handled effectively by the service provider.

Of course, with the flurry of business that the service brings, there are a wide variety of video subtitling rates that can be found in the market. Sometimes you get the good ones, others you get substandard video subtitling output for more expensive ones. All that’s needed is to find the right one and doing your research to find out the best quality video subtitling services at the right price. (more…)

Dubbing and Subtitling

How to find best the professional Dubbing and Subtitling Services

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Simply put, today’s technology and advancements in information and communication has broadened the horizons and increased the number of possibilities and capabilities to help you find the best professional dubbing and subtitling services in the market. The internet plays a critical yet indispensable tool in helping you save time, money and effort in looking for traditional dubbing and subtitling services when all you need to do is to simply press a button to get you one.Finding the best subtitling companies is easy and simple, but you still need to do your part in making sure that you employ the right dubbing and subtitling company to help you with your needs and at the same time ensuring that you get the best quality for it.
Dubbing and subtitling services are essential nowadays especially when you are dealing with business, marketing or advertising on an international scale. Your video presentations can are given the added boost when it contains dubbing and subtitling elements to help you reach out to your targeted foreign audience. (more…)

Video Subtitling

Provide your own subtitles videos at no cost and DIY

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Add subtitles video permanently

There is a lot of video conversion and encoding soft wares available online that can be downloaded for free like TEncoder, AVIAddXSubs, VLC, and more. These programs will merge your .srt subtitles with your .avi movie file for good. video subtitling The subtitles cannot be removed since it is burned into the pixels of each frame. Subtitles videos made permanently through the following stages:

• Create a shortcut on your desktop by bookmarking your chosen program so that it will show on top of your computer. Another option is to drag the icon at the bottom of the screen. Click it anytime you need it.

• Your movie and subtitle file should be placed in the same folder. Give the .avi and .srt files the same name and place these in the directory, e.g. movie1.avi and movie1.srt.

• Open the video file and enable subtitles.

• Configure options.

If your computer is slow, the process will take some time to complete. Lengthy videos and high-quality settings will take more time to process than those with lower quality. (more…)


What is the state of Captioning? offered at $1/min

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The proliferation of online videos and mobile-based videos has taken over the conventional use of graphic icons, images, and captions in viewing web contents today. Many people prefer to watch videos while reading the captions on screen and transcripts that are embedded on both video sources and websites.

For various reasons, some individuals are able to gain information more effectively by reading the captions instead of listening to the original track.Following the rapid changes in the digital world where media distribution becomes more systematic, there are organizations conducting surveys to determine the effectiveness of video captioning.

These organizations focus on why video captioning is important to many industries today. This will probably inform everyone regarding the 2017 state of captioning!