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Guide to Captioning and Subtitling Online Courses & eLearning Videos

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Proven Captioning and Subtitling Tips For Effective eLearning Course Subtitling

Adding subtitles and captions to an e-learning video enables learners to efficiently absorb the subject matter, which should be the most compelling reason for doing this. There is another reason — which must not be overlooked — is the video course material can reach more potential, non-English speaker learners. With the above in mind, today, we put forth smart tips to effectively add subtitles in an eLearning video. So, read on to find out:-

1. Placement Matters

When adding captioning and subtitling to a course video, placement holds the key; this applies to all kinds of videos. As a rule of thumb for learning subtitles, the subtitles and captions must below on the screen and centered, so the learners can easily read the content while viewing the video.

Still, at the same time, this position ensures that the subtitles don’t cause a distraction. The subtitles must also not be too bottom at the screen, as it may seem cut off regarding the screen resolution.

2. Keep It Short & Legible

While, you’ll be tempted to be creative with the subtitles and captions, with the font. It is highly advised that you keep the font simple and elegant for the eLearning course. To ensure that the subtitles are legible, learners can benefit from them.

Keep the font as large as possible, the font must be from the sans-serif family, and the lines must be not more than lines. Avoid overloading your learners with the subtitles.
Students can digest and read subtitles in small bits, so take this into account for creating eLearning course subtitles. For longer lines, keep it on the screen for a few minutes extra.

3. Add Labels to Avoid Any Confusion

If there are multiple narrators or characters, then it is best to add labels to your subtitles so that learners can easily differentiate them.

Also, if the narrator is not on the video screen, as happens for most eLearning videos, it is advisable to place a label on the screen of subtitles to make learning clear.

4. Hire Captioning and Subtitling Services

To ensure the eLearning video is subtitled and captioned in a manner it connects with the viewer easily, then rope in professional transcribers for captioning and subtitling for online courses.

They’ve got the right experience coupled with extensive knowledge of creating subtitles for eLearning videos.
Don’t just hire any other transcription company, do your research work to narrow down a company you can trust, aligning with your specific requirements.

Let’s Wrap Up

So, implement these tips to efficiently add subtitles and captions for your eLearning videos. Also, above all, hiring credible eLearning subtitling services is indispensable, integrating captions that help learners, rather than act as a distraction. In a nutshell, it improves the overall eLearning experience.

Movie Translation and Subtitling

Importance Of Movie Translation And Subtitling Services

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Movie translation and subtitling are the major aspects of media sector. In recent times, many software have created for movie subtitles. Many of the subtitling service providers are using highly secured software for movies, so that the data will not be leak out to anywhere. When it comes to the movie translation, this service is vital for translating movie of any language into the preferred language.

Get The Translated File Quickly

If you are opting for the urgent movie translation and subtitling, you have to choose the best service provider. The translation service providers are very frequent to the video translation. The team of experts check the entire movie from start to end, before handing over the file to the client. During the super rush time, they offer quick service without affecting the quality of translation. You can approach the online service that ensures to keep your data and file secure.

The team of professionals are having the knowledge of all type of languages, they can easily translate the movie from one language to other. Moreover, this is an important part of entertainment industry, with which professionals from media platform are getting benefits. When it comes to the translation and subtitling of movies, translation and subtitling service providers assure to serve with certified professionals.
Basically, certified subtitling and translation service providers are not only the experts in multiple languages, but also offer ISO standard services. All the technical experts and linguists are efficient enough to deliver movie subtitling along with translated video.
Pricing Of Movie Translation And Subtitling Services

When it comes to the consideration of pricing, you will always get the price for translation and subtitling that will suite your pocket. Movie translation and subtitling business is on-demand in the media and entertainment sector and the competition is increasing in this field. Therefore, to gain the client attention and response most of the service providers are offering valuable service at lower rate. If you are opting to get the service, you don’t need to pay much amount for this. Nowadays, new artists are making documentary files to excel in this field, those can not afford much money for hiring expert for documentary movie translation and subtitling. They can simply avail this online translation and subtitling service for their file.

The technical and linguistic experts can work with all type of file formats that are supporting on Windows operating system as well as in macOS. However, all the documents and files once given to them, they assure to keep the files confidential. Translation and subtitling service providing company are signing the agreement before having the file for editing. All documents are properly checked by the experts before and after completion of translation and subtitling. Basically, movie subtitling service is widely offered with English language as it is understood by most of the global population.
Video Subtitling

Why are subtitles given more preference than dubbing?

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It has been more than 70 years since the argument of subtitles over dubbing started. Both sides assume that they are the right format for delivering content to an audience. And in some cases, that holds true. While subtitling and dubbing both have their own pros and cons, subtitles takes an upper hand in cost effectiveness, sound and picture unity, etc. Each method has a specific target audience and mixing it with the other is not going to yield any result. For example: You cannot make children’s programs with subtitles and dub foreign horror movies. That might turn either into a spoof or a funny movie.

Subtitles although have a very good effect on the audience. It helps with building a relationship and connect with the user making it accessible and easier. In fact, subtitling comes with a series of advantages for all parties involved: the public, producers and promoters. Let’s take a closer look.

In a social media driven world like the present, adding subtitles to your videos is a common way of crediting your hard work. Subtitles are a marketing driven strategy to increase your viewership and to enhance user friendly experience. In fact, a few internal researches reveal that viewing a subtitled video has increased viewership by at least 12%.

Subtitling your video helps your audience and gets them hooked to the content. To attain this level of detailing, one needs to not only craft a well scripted movie, but also market their videos accordingly.

Subtitling Keeps retains voices of Original actor

The most important factor of using subtitles is to make the content available and accessible to the foreign public. Dubbing doesn’t give you the leverage of creating the real intentions  in the actor’s voice in the movie. The tones and voice of the actor cannot be retained in dubbing that doesn’t make it authentic. Subtitles on the other side provides a complete packaged experience in terms of conveying the right tone and feel in the actor’s own voice.

Imagine “Through the Wormhole” or “The Story of God” without Morgan Freeman’s voice, for example. These are without a doubt fascinating and offer comprehensive information. But do you think they can transmit the same emotion without the actor’s famous voice? That is an obvious NO! In genres such as comedy and drama, the emotion conveyed makes a scene more believable. An audience will miss its authenticity when a dubbed movie shows a mismatched voice talking or enacting a famous actor’s role.

Programs with big budgets invest a lot of money in the best voice overs. But despite the producers’ efforts, the public will still lose a part of the interpretation. And, in some cases, there’s even a lack of synchronization between the sound and the way the lips move on the screen, which distracts viewers.

Creates a stronger SEO base:

Search engines don’t process video content without text. If you don’t have enough texts, the keyword search will hone only your title and description. Any addition made to uplift your video’s worth is appreciable when you are selling to your audience. So, if there are no texts, it will not be of great use in promoting the movie. The more content a subtitled video has, the more attention it draws in being picked up to watch by the audience.  None of this is applicable in a dubbed movie. A dubbed movie is simply a movie without any value addition for the reach of the movie.

Language benefits:

A good subtitled video will show you the written translation of what the actors are saying on the screen in real time. You directly hear the message and read it significance as subtitles. You tend to reach a higher set of audience globally and the importance of learning a new language comes into play. Foreign language will help in improvising pronunciation.

Most people watch a video to also probably learn a language. Let us say you are shooting Spanish dialogues in your English movie. The first thing your English-speaking viewers look for is the text for Spanish dialogues. Someone who is keen on learning the language can actually be benefited by the subtitles you add.

Dubbing Costs More and Needs Longer Turnaround

Another advantage when choosing subtitling over dubbing comes down to price. Obviously both the services require you to hire a trained translator who can come up with a decent version of the script without changing the meaning. It is all about just finding the right kind of words.

Texts in the target language can’t be lengthier than the original ones. Most of the times, translators adjust the way they speak and their speed as most languages require higher number of words to say the same thing. For example:

  1. Damelo – in Spanish (one word)
  2. Give it to me – in English (four words)

Besides the translation costs, dubbing requires professional voice overs (one for each actor in the original version of the video content), a studio, editors and post-edit specialists. Subtitling requires less effort, so the costs will also be lower.

With no time needed for recording and editing, turnarounds are faster when using subtitles. Your video content will reach its target public quicker when choosing subtitling over dubbing.

It’s All About the Target Audience

All of these comes down to just 2 words: ‘Target Audience’. One has to carry out deeper research in order to finalise which version they want to go ahead with. With socio economic level of population, you can foresee that subtitles are more preferred than dubbing. While dubbing can be used for cartoons or some specific programs, a certain standard of thinking and connecting to the audience is required. So, if your target audience is a well educated public, picking subtitles over dubbing is your best bet.

Visual Subtitling offers subtitling services that provide accurate and appropriate subtitles for your videos.  We assure to take the load off you and give you the best experience in the world of subtitles. Claim your free quote now!!

Subtitling services

The importance of effective subtitling services in modern visual media.

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Subtitling Service with Quality Standards

An effective subtitling service is necessary to convey accurateinformation in visual media. Subtitles back your audio information with awritten synchronized text. Subtitles can be in multiple formats and added to the video file. The world has developed to a point where diversity in language isno longer an issue as there are now many means of passing information from one to another.

Subtitling has become an efficient service as providers attain modern technology to add quality to their service delivery and make use of experts with subtitling skills and knowledge of subtitling formats. The subtitling service experts need to be on par with the industry’s standards and regulations to maintain quality video standards that are Netflix and Amazon compliant.

Our Subtitling Services

Here at Vanan, we excel in creating subtitles that enhance your video content for an international audience. We are happy to help you with creating the best fitting subtitles for YouTube, Vimeo, and many others.

Our expert team specializes in subtitling audio for various languages. Therefore, you can be sure that your video is done right and will be understood by your proposed audience.

Subtitling Services

We want to assure you that our subtitling services follow the ISO 9001:2015 standards and make use of top-rated subtitle translators and employ the latest technology to add quality to our services. With us, you can expect nothing but the best of subtitling services.

Our team is competent with video production tools and have no difficulty subtitling files in other formats such as SBV, SRT, SSA. We also offer different subtitling options like hard-coded or standalone subtitles depending on what you need.

While providing our top-notch services, we always ensure compliance with all industry standards and regulations. We are compliant with FCC, ADA, Netflix and Amazon regulations so as to not affect the quality of your video. We employ the best quality control methods in the industry together with the most efficient content management methods.

We also guarantee that every little detail is taken into consideration, which includes other value-added quality assurance methods, to give you consistent and accurate subtitles.

Create and Translate Subtitles

Our expertise spans over a hundred languages thank to a network of skilled professionals, so you should expect nothing but the best from our translation subtitles services. We understand that subtitles are more affordable than having a voice-over translation for your local videos which is why we aim to provide you with original subtitles that we have already interpreted for you.

Our native translators ensure a detailed linguistic approach for accurate translations. We will give subtitles on various styles of your choice, as pecific font, font size as well as text colour so that your audience can be as comfortable and engaged as possible when watching your video.

Subtitling Translation

We provide subtitling translation services for people with hearing impairment, with free speaker identification for up to 5 speakers. Thanks to the latest video production tools and our trained experts, we can provide you with the best services. We offer high-quality prices, at affordable rates. Our customer service support line Is reachable 24/7 so we can be assured that each customer is satisfied 100%. We would love to hear from you. Get in touch today!

Subtitling services

How can I add Subtitles to a Movie in VLC?

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Why is it necessary to avail the subtitling services to have outstanding subtitled Videos?

Most of the users probably love the VLC media player for its interface and functionality. This free multimedia player is capable of playing a multitude of audio and video file formats, making it a very versatile system. To add to its versatility, it runs smoothly on different platforms, including Windows and Mac on your PC, and Android and iOS on your smartphone.

A popular feature of this media player is its ability to add subtitle files to any movie. This means you can watch your movies with the confidence that you won’t be missing out on vital parts of the movie even if you can’t properly hear what is being said. But how do you get the files done from subtitling services and add them to your movie?

Exploit Subtitling Services in VLC Media Player Automatically

Before trying to add any subtitle file on your VLC player, you must initially confirm if the movie comes with a subtitle file. If it does not, you can download this file online before you proceed. Subtitle files are usually in .srt file formats and can be availed easily on the internet.

Once downloaded, ensure that the video and the subtitle share the same name (the extensions should remain different, possibly .mp4 and .srt). If the names are the same, your VLC player should read the subtitle file and automatically include it.

Subtitling Services

How to manually add Subtitle to your VLC Movie?

More often, even when you have the subtitle file, its name will differ from that of the main movie. Rather than changing the name, you can add the file directly from the movie – once you’ve set it to play. Your first option will be to open your movie in VLC, then drag and drop the subtitle file on the video. It should read automatically at this point.

If the previous method doesn’t work, you can always add the file manually. Play the movie on VLC and open the player with the movie running. Click on the subtitles option in the menu and go to add subtitles. Select the subtitle file in your file explorer and add it to the video.

Obtaining Subtitling Services for my Videos and Audios

What if you own a video and would love it to have subtitles? Of course, as the owner of the video, subtitles will be very likely not be found by simply downloading them on the internet. In this case, you will have to enlist the services of a subtitling company that offers subtitling services at affordable subtitling rates.

A professional subtitling company will carefully watch your video or follow through with your audio and provide accurate subtitles for your file. The best subtitling company pursues accuracy in delivery and ensure that every spoken word is captured and recorded to follow the speaker on time. Gestures and non-verbal cues are also captured.

Contact our professional subtitling company today for the best subtitling service at very reasonable subtitling rates.

Subtitling services

Can Video Subtitling Services Improve Political Videos Promotions?

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How the subtitling companies aid in political video promotions are interconnected?  

Politics they say is a game of number. So how would you rather garner more support for your political ambition than employing the subtitling services? Online Subtitling Services have risen to the call for professional subtitles that are tailor-made to ensure the success of your political ambitions. is your best choice for responsive video subtitles for political promotions wherever you are all over the world. Video Subtitling services are meant to enhance viewer engagement by providing captions that communicates events going on in the video to viewers especially those with hearing impairments.


Even though subtitling services have been around for a long time, people have only just recognized its numerous benefits. Most times, subtitles are provided by films makers video subtitling Services to particularly for compliance purposes at certain subtitling rates. However, video subtitles offer more opportunities to the global audience as well as stakeholders in virtually all facets of human discipline and politics is not left out of it. You may begin to wonder how subtitles can be of benefit in political video promotions. To begin with video subtitles, the political aspirants who are widely outreached to their supporters and giving chance to let people on their ambitions are the required.

Subtitling services allow politicians to launch political video promotions in public places where the environment hinder audibility of your videos like airports, stores and supermarkets, spa & gym, outdoor relaxation spots, parks, train stations and lots more.

The important role of subtitling companies in political videos promotions is the role it plays in social media political promotions or campaigns. Thanks to the advent of improved technology, video subtitling Services the internet has become the global meeting point for everyone seeking the attention of particular demography or target audience. Today, politicians turn to social media political campaigns as a strategy to expand coverage and earn more supporters. Subtitling services allow the audience to watch the campaign video without any form of hindrances.

Subtitles make prominent video-based fora like YouTube and even Facebook easily accessible to hearing impaired viewers at nominal subtitling rates. Subtitles also make your political video promotions search engine and user-friendly – this simply means that your videos can be easily found whenever words that are related to your video are searched on the internet. 

How it’s helpful for Celebrity Interviews?

One other class of people that benefit from video subtitles are celebrities. Imagine watching your favorite artists, actors, and even TV hosts without understanding or hearing a word of what is spoken. It will be sad indeed because at times our favorite celebrities are often foreigners that speak a different language from our native dialects.

Subtitling services allow a wider coverage of viewers to appreciate and familiarize with celebs and their work – hence providing more exposure. However, if subtitles are provided, viewers will enjoy every frame of the movie or video. The subtitling companies also offer exceptional subtitles that can be integrated into documentaries, presentations, interviews, conferences and lots more.

We offer reasonable subtitling rates for a wide strange of astounding online subtitling services. When next you are in search of credible online subtitling services for your celebrity interviews and political video promotions, contact us at video subtitling and let’s take it from there!


How Video Subtitling Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

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Today’s technology and advancements in information and communications have broadened the horizons and increased the number of possibilities and capabilities to help you find the best professional video subtitling service in the market and help boost your sales. The internet plays a critical yet indispensable tool in helping you save time, money and effort in looking for traditional video subtitling services when all you need to do is to simply press a button to get you one. (more…)

Film Subtitling

How to get professional Film Subtitling Services?

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Because of today’s technology advancement, doing business internationally has been easier and more efficient. For instance, latest and modern technology has boosted the video production industry in terms of sharing of information and ideas through videos. Now, watching foreign movies is more accessible because of the assistance of subtitles placed below the screen. Basically, a subtitle is mostly and widely used by film makers and movie producers to let the foreign viewers understand the dialogue using a local dialect. For this reason, film subtitling services are truly beneficial in the movie industry. However, looking for best subtitling companies may sound very challenging since you need to consider a lot of things before making sound choices. Well, Internet plays a key role in getting professional film subtitling services. For the record, millions of people are updated online because this is the best way of reaching out and expressing ideas. Moreover, the online world is also said to provide convenience especially in doing works. Nowadays, a subtitling service is being offered online by large and major subtitling brands across the globe.


Youtube subtitling

How to translate YouTube video to English subtitles effectively?

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Video subtitling services are now all the rage and sought-after services today with the rising popularity of YouTube and NetFlix among others. You may ask what video subtitles have to do with all these? Well, the answer is simple.  It’s all about diversity and global recognition.The internet works because of text data that populate it. Every word and every letter is a result of rich text inputs from a database. The texts that you are reading on your computer and laptop screens are the results of text transcripts organized and formed into understandable data that convey meaning and information.

These texts are then converted into video subtitles that are displayed on screen simultaneously to reflect the dialogues or sounds in the video. This applies to YouTube videos and the like. Video subtitling services therefore provide the text transcripts needed to give descriptions of a video, provide summaries or analysis that gets encoded into the website so that your video files are made available for searching using search engines. The same goes for foreign language YouTube videos that need translations to English, which can be handled effectively by the service provider.

Of course, with the flurry of business that the service brings, there are a wide variety of video subtitling rates that can be found in the market. Sometimes you get the good ones, others you get substandard video subtitling output for more expensive ones. All that’s needed is to find the right one and doing your research to find out the best quality video subtitling services at the right price. (more…)

Provide your own subtitles videos at no cost and DIY

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Add subtitles video permanently

There is a lot of video conversion and encoding soft wares available online that can be downloaded for free like TEncoder, AVIAddXSubs, VLC, and more. These programs will merge your .srt subtitles with your .avi movie file for good. video subtitling The subtitles cannot be removed since it is burned into the pixels of each frame. Subtitles videos made permanently through the following stages:

• Create a shortcut on your desktop by bookmarking your chosen program so that it will show on top of your computer. Another option is to drag the icon at the bottom of the screen. Click it anytime you need it.

• Your movie and subtitle file should be placed in the same folder. Give the .avi and .srt files the same name and place these in the directory, e.g. movie1.avi and

• Open the video file and enable subtitles.

• Configure options.

If your computer is slow, the process will take some time to complete. Lengthy videos and high-quality settings will take more time to process than those with lower quality. (more…)