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Subtitling Rates

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File Length Turnaround Time
Under 30 minutes 24 hours or less
Around 30 minutes to 1 hour 48 hours or less
Around 1 to 3 hours 4 to 5 business days
More than 3 hours 5 to 6 business days
More than 4 hours For details chat with us now or call our toll free numbers.

Note: TATs mentioned above are applicable only to projects attached with scripts.

Additional Services

Bulk Orders (10 to 20 hours) Can be delivered within 24 to 48 hours,
expedited service cost applies accordingly.
Express Delivery Deliver from 6 hours onwards .
File formats .SRT, .SCC, Web.VTT
and many other .

All Inclusive Special Services

FCC Compliance Yes, We make sure that all our closed and open captioning done under FCC compliance.
ADA Compliance Yes, All our captioning services completely abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990 ruling for captioning.
Amazon & Netflix Compliance Yes, Our closed and open captioning services are done under amazon & Netflix compliance as per the customers requirements.


What is Subtitling

Subtitles are texts that are derived from audiovisual medium and translated to another language so that the viewers can understand it in their native language. They are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen and appear for 5-6 secs exactly when the video plays the words spoken.

Subtitling Rates

The subtitling rates vary according to the size of the video and the language to be translated. We provide a 2-minutes sample for every Subtitling trial offered.

Subtitling rates can be the deciding factor in hiring a company to serve you. There are many companies providing competitive services in the industry. However selecting a reliable service provider to deliver services at the best rates has become more challenging. Nevertheless, Visual Subtitling maintains its commitment to provide the best subtitling services at the lowest rates, which is both affordable and reasonable. Moreover, we provide a 2- minutes sample for the subtitling service to be provided.

Subtitling Rates Per Minute

The Subtitling rates vary for English and other language subtitling requirements. You can also avail a 2-minutes sample for the subtitling project. Our subtitle rates per minute are affordable, but we never compromise the quality of our services, and make sure that our clients are delivered with the best subtitling service in their language of their choice. We also provide free quote for subtitling services with rates that give clients a better idea of the project's cost.

Subtitling Rates Per Hour

Our Subtitling services offer affordable rates with best accuracy for hourly basis videos. Guaranteed speedy delivery for all subtitling services with precision and accuracy. Subtitling rates per hour depends mainly only on the length of the video and the language prerequisite.

Subtitling Services Rates

More than 100+ Native linguists work on subtitles to deliver affordable subtitling services rates without compromising on meticulousness. 24/7 customer support and all file format accepted for affordable rates. Chat for instant quote

Fast Subtitling Services

Our team of professionals take great effort to provide the fastest subtitling services to our clients. We aim to deliver top-rated quality services, even for very tight timelines.

Professional Transcription Services

Capturing spoken words accurately!

We offer a full suite of transcription service that goes along with your captioning and Subtitling projects or as a separate project. Our human-generated transcriptions are delivered on time, every time with provision for rush turnaround.

Our team of qualified transcribers work round the clock to produce impressive transcription results. We work impeccably and meticulously following strict quality methods to achieve unsurpassed accuracy.

By using proprietary system, we match your project with the perfect-fit transcriber, who is a native speaker of the source language, to make sure that every spoken words are captured with their intended meaning.

Subtitling with Translation

We send your message to the world!

Have you considered expanding your business internationally? Grow your customer base and reach a wider market to your non-English speaking audience and build brand loyalty.

Visualsubtitling offers the highest quality of translation services that goes along with captioning. Our competent translators can provide accurate captions in over 100+ languages and dialects. We take into consideration local nuances and relevant idioms to provide a localize content.

We have a global network of experienced linguists who can get your translation projects done flawlessly. Our meticulous quality checking ensure that we deliver error-free translation in each project that we partake.

Acceptable /Deliverable File Formats:

Our Visual Subtitling accepts and delivers customized as well as standard file formats, including:

.M4A, .M4B, .M4V, .RA , .RM, .QT.XML, .QT.TXT, .QT.SMIL, .SMI,.ASX


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