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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *

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Online Subtitling Services for COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has taken the world by force. Streets, alleyways, and courtyards remain stranded. However, there is a rumbling going on in people’s houses – working from home is the new compulsion brought on by the virus.

The world is trying to understand what hit it – essentially an information vacuum has ensued in regards to the novel coronavirus. Nevertheless, one such facet that might help in communicating an idea world-across remains subtitling services. Visual Subtitling remains at the forefront of providing quality subtitles during these desperate times.

Various Areas and Sector We Concentrate On

At Visual Subtitling, you are provided with skilled native subtitlers who have a great knowledge of how the industries operate. We work with various kinds of COVID documents and with many industries that need attention now. Mainly industries that are ought to bring value-added content to the end-users such as:

  • Media – Conference, Seminar, Audiovisua, Multimedia, Youtube Video, Verbatim, Movie.
  • Healthcare – Medical research & development, Biotechnology, Outpatient care centers, Medical and diagnostic laboratories.
  • Medical – Medical devices, equipment, and hospital supplies manufacturers, medical services, Medical insurance.

Documents We Translate During the COVID19 Pandemic

The major and central service that we provide to our customers is the captioning and subtitling of videos. As we are always available, these are various videos we subtitle for:

  • Safety guidelines
  • Labor manuals
  • Training videos
  • Machine maintenance manuals
  • Company presentations & conferences
  • Safety guidelines
  • Security announcements
  • Training videos
  • Company presentations & conferences

Visual Subtitling Here To Help You Out

Here are eight reasons why Visual Subtitling is your one-stop solution to all your Subtitling services for COVID-19

  • Native experts working from home – Visual Subtitling places the safety and health of subtitlers at the forefront
  • Affordable price – Quality services at exceptional rates. Our rates are honest and transparent
  • Quality – time-synchronized, high-quality subtitles. Accuracy 98% guaranteed
  • Confidentiality - confidential with NDA
  • ISO standards – practices adhering to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Ensures transmission of accurate information
  • Multilingual support – only subtitling service that delivers support for 100+ languages
  • Multiple format support – hundreds of output format to choose from including but not limited to .srt, .sdh, .sub, .qt.txt, .txt, .stl
  • Fast turnarounds – In these dire times, a quick TAT might help delineate a quick public health response.

The Need For Subtitling Services for COVID-19

Despite the world coming to a standstill, information is still being created in hoards. With the generation of information, there also remains the need for processing and propagating the information. Subtitles offer a quick way of communicating a piece of information from a stranded part of the globe to the world across. Whether it is documentaries regarding COVID-19, or foreign news of critical importance, or a foreign researcher or research you want to promote, Visual Subtitling offers a team of expert subtitlers and translators at your disposal. Our native translators work diligently to provide what is called the best subtitling services in and around the US. Come to us if you are looking for affordable Subtitling services for COVID-19.

Whether it is videos for documentaries or for COVID related Government clips in over 100+ languages, we understand how important it is for you to provide the right information. Accuracy is exponentially important when you require vital news and data with statistics to be delivered to the public. Visual Subtitling handles all of this virtually. We are open 24/7!

Languages That You Can Acquire

In acquiring Subtitling services for COVID-19, it is also important to cater to the world's global market with accuracy. In order to do so, you need perfect subtitles in the language of your choice. That is why we offer accurate and precise language subtitles by native subtitlers. The languages we offer include Tigrinya, Polish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, French, German, English, Gujarati, Arabic, Japanese and more. We also deliver specific dialect translation and combine the same with uncountable variations.

Some of the language pairs are

  • French to Italia
  • English to Hindi
  • German to Portuguese
  • Polish to Italian
  • Arabic to French
  • French to Spanish
  • Japanese to Chinese
  • Cantonese to Spanish and more.

Subtitling Services for COVID-19 – Subtitling Done Right

NHK World – Japan’s national broadcasting organization – to disseminate valuable information world across provided subtitles and dubbing to its video on how COVID-19 gets transmitted. The video despite originally being in Japanese; subtitles in English and talks about how microdroplets might be an important mode of transmission. The subtitles added provides two benefits – first, it increases the audience base, and secondly, the subtitles can be searched through search engines further helping to enhance the first point presented. Subtitling services for video have been at the frontlines for providing accurate information.

Locate Us Easily

Locating us is not as difficult as you may think. With the pandemic being a global issue, we have started working virtually for all our clients. Since we are available 24/7, you can contact any of our offices according to your convenience and order with us. We are located in, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Portland, Washington, London, Miami, San Francisco Seattle, San Antonio, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Diego, New York.


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