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Tips For Captioning And Subtitling Your Corporate Video

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Captioning and subtitling are crucial and certainly have become the most important segment of corporate videos. It is essential for better comprehension of the video content. Primarily, captions are the audio detail texts essential for better understanding of content in the same language that of the dialogues of the video. Similarly, subtitling means is to translate the contents or texts of the dialogues of the video on-screen. However, it doesn’t include non-verbal sounds. It is indeed useful for those with hearing issues.

Must-Follow Pre-Requisites of Captioning and Subtitling

A corporate video is essential to be optimized in terms of captions and subtitles, and video quality. In this context, it is suggested that one should transcribe the audio elements. If there remains something like a sign or any kind of animation, the same should be transcribed as well.

Maintaining the right position of the title on the display can hinder the subtitle position. Hence, one must be careful about the same. Above all, it is suggested that the captioning and subtitling service provider goes with a font that makes things easier for the reader.
Pick the Best Format

Selection of video format is a key aspect to consider for captions and subtitles. In this context, MP4/H264 is certainly considered the best format accepted by all prominent platforms. The reason is that it keeps file size nominal and still maintains the best quality. Those who simply want the best quality, without worrying about storage, obviously have to go with videos in uncompressed full resolution format.

Must Include a Business Slogan

Along with optimizing the corporate video with captions and subtitles, one must leave a slogan as per the business/product/service to make things more impressive. Similarly, the ultimate aim of every corporate video always remains that the viewer takes requisite action. Hence, there must be a call to action button, along with pricing details.

Must Include Video Testimonies and Customer Reviews

Often it’s seen that corporate video makers don’t consider adding subtitles to the voices of the reviewers. This is a sheer mistake as people these days take customer reviews about a product or service more seriously than anything else, even more seriously than price. Testimony videos need to be as optimized as other sections of the corporate video.

Depict the Product Usage and Service Modes Well

One of the most critical sections of the corporate video where captioning and subtitling matters the most is depicting the mode of service or depicting product usage. Instead of mere pictorial representation, it is crucial to add videos with proper caption and subtitles to better understand the viewers. Most importantly, it needs to be provided with complete detail, and the captions/subtitles must be in proper sync.

A Success Story and Business past

Some people think it’s unwanted, but sharing a success story and business history is crucial. It hits the visitor or prospect customer’s emotion, which plays a major role in maintaining brand worth. Hence, proper captioning and subtitling of these sections is extremely crucial.

All in all, upon taking the above tips into account regarding captioning and subtitling, one can certainly make most of the corporate videos.

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