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The proliferation of online videos and mobile-based videos has taken over the conventional use of graphic icons, images, and captions in viewing web contents today. Many people prefer to watch videos while reading the captions on screen and transcripts that are embedded on both video sources and websites.

For various reasons, some individuals are able to gain information more effectively by reading the captions instead of listening to the original track.Following the rapid changes in the digital world where media distribution becomes more systematic, there are organizations conducting surveys to determine the effectiveness of video captioning.

These organizations focus on why video captioning is important to many industries today. This will probably inform everyone regarding the 2017 state of captioning!

A brief explanation of “what is the state of captioning.”

By the way, what is the state of captioning? The state of captioning is a published yearly report presenting how different institutions apply or conduct video captioning in their day-to-day operations. It aims to deliver a document that explains captioning trends or innovations that greatly benefit thousands of non-government organizations, online marketers, and academic institutions.

The annual report clearly explains the real benefits of using visualsubtitling video captioning for certain professionals, students with a disability, and for those who prefer to read captions instead of listening to hard-to-decipher accents. Survey firms, in fact, have the capacity to undertake data collection from thousands of respondents representing various sectors including business, government agencies, universities, news media, and entertainment.

Using video captioning enables viewers to retain certain information, to overcome low-rated voice quality of the source, and to concentrate well on topics being discussed. Comparative analysis, viewer perspective, and expert explanations definitely answer the question “what is the state of captioning”?

Captioning needs are on the rise during these modern times

As the captioning needs are on the rise, video captioning becomes an innovative feature for most online platforms. In fact, captioning is proven to be beneficial for ESL learners, language schools, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders. Not only that, video captions are now seen on larger screens in the case of sports stadiums, outdoor gatherings, live news broadcast, and election campaigns among others.

Recent survey results demonstrate a significant increase on captioning needs for many respondents regardless of the profession over the next few years. Captioning is now considered an essential component that helps videos convey the messages effectively to the target audience.

With the use of transcription, translation, and even voice-over, video marketing has evolved in the digital business world tremendously as the captioning needs are on the rise.

Fundamentals on how to become bigger in video captioning

Captions are now available on videos to increase marketability and to enhance language access as well. The transcripts are generally embedded while other parts are used to improve visibility on the web by drawing internet traffic.

Perfectly-written captions, synchronized text display, and reachable customer support are the key ingredients on how to become bigger in video captioning. In addition, service flexibility also contributes big on how to become bigger in video captioning in the future. In general, there is always a significant correlation between the original source and captioning in relation to adaptability and social impact among the end users.

Supporting the continuous development of video technology, Visual Subtitling is here to introduce in a dramatic fashion the 2017 state of captioning!

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