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How do you know which subtitling format is prominent for your project?

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What is the need for the Movie Subtitling Services?

Movie subtitles are generally, the texts embedded into videos and displayed at the bottom (or sometimes at the top) of the screen. Subtitles are written translations of the video dialogue which may be derived from the video transcript or a screenplay of the dialog. There are various reasons that prompt for the need of subtitling and closed captioning services.


What makes Movie Subtitling Services Important?

Subtitles are an important part of the audio-visual media. They are even more important when the video or movie is expected to be seen by multi-language viewers. For instance, a movie in English which is expected to be seen by French and Russian speakers, will require subtitles in the respective languages to enable them to follow the narrative. This is much more cost-effective than dubbing the media into different languages.

Subtitles are also sometimes advantageous to those who are hard of hearing, or who may have problems following the accent of the speakers, even if they speak the same language. Subtitles can make a world of difference to viewers, improving the number of language speakers who can see the movie. In general, it also improves the understandability of a movie or video and can come in handy for screenplays as well as a tutorial or promotional video.

For you as a movie maker, a small investment in movie subtitling services opens up your movie to previously inaccessible areas. The result is an increase in viewership from different regions, and ultimately an increase in revenues.

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Subtitling Formats

Video subtitle files can come in a variety of formats. The best subtitling company offers you a variety of options in style and format for your viewers. Typically, you can select from a variety of fonts, text colors, sizes, and backgrounds among others to get a subtitle type that best matches your needs. There are three major subtitle file formats, each of them more suited to different needs and purposes:

  • Sub Rip (.srt)
  • Sub Viewer (.sub)
  • YouTube Captions (.sbv)


How are Subtitling Rates Determined?

The subtitling company and subtitling service providers decide their subtitling rates differently. In general, there are a number of factors that are considered when you request a quote. Among these are:

  • The length of the media
  • The language of the media
  • Project size
  • The language(s) of the required subtitles
  • Subtitle style and format
  • Turnaround time

Mostly you will not be receiving a quote until these factors have been duly considered. Of course, in the end, the quote you will receive will still vary slightly from one provider to the next.

At Visual Subtitling, we do our best to always offer you high-quality subtitles and captions for your videos at the most competitive industry subtitling rates. If you are in need of subtitling and captioning services, be sure to contact us right away and discuss your project needs with our friendly team.

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