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Can you use your own Audio Transcript for the Subtitles?

Multi-Purpose Video Subtitling  

Online videos have become an integral part of any content marketing plan. Videos can be used for instructions, unboxing, reviews, and much more making it a vital online information source. With plenty of channels available for video sharing – from YouTube to Facebook and even Websites, it is an important means through which you can reach a wide audience with your message.

One way to fully harness the power of your video content is to add subtitles and closed captions. Your content is reached to a wider audience, including those who speak another language and hard of hearing. With audio and video content also encouraging greater audience engagement, subtitle services is an added perk that makes your audio content much more enjoyable.

Can our Audio Transcripts be used for the Subtitles?

If you created audio transcripts while for your recording, the subtitling task will be made much easier. If you did not create one during your video production phase, something of a transcript would still be needed before any subtitles can be added to your video.

Visual Subtitling


Can we Add the Subtitles by Ourselves?

Yes, we can create our own subtitles by ourselves. With your audio transcript in hand, this will take less time and demand less effort. However, captioning a video is no small task and will require a lot of on-the-job learning from you if you otherwise have no idea how to proceed. After creating a transcript, you will still have to spend five to six times the length of the video to add a subtitle.

So, for a 30-minute video, you can expect to spend up to 3 hours adding the transcript and synchronizing it, so it corresponds perfectly with the video. This time increases geometrically as the video length goes up. It could be even longer if you find it difficult coming up to speed-up with the entire subtitling process.

How can a Professional Subtitling Company be of Help?

A professional subtitling company can be of immense help when you are in need of subtitle service for your videos. Outsourcing this task gives you the time you need to care for other important tasks in your business. Simply inform the subtitling company of any compliance constraints you might face (if any) and work out how they can work around those.

Subtitling company that offers subtitle service are usually experienced in the art of adding properly synchronized subtitles and captions to videos. The right subtitling company boasts not only vital experience, but also churn out quality work in very minimal turnaround time, and at affordable rates. Subtitling rates are generally fair and can be even less with your own audio transcripts already available.

If you are in need of subtitle service for your videos or podcast, do well to contact us at Visual Subtitling right away. With years of experience subtitling video contents of different lengths and types (how-to, manuals, instructions, unboxing, etc.) you would be obtaining the kind of first-class service your business needs.

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